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AR Publishing

Made Easy

A patented and easy set of tools by which editors, teachers, designers and other content creators can create AR additions to their existing content using drag and drop operations

Step 01: Plan and Organise your Resources

Upload all the resources eg: Book PDF/ePub, Audio MP3, Video MP4 into the project folder

Step 02: Set AR Markers and attach resources

Drag and drop resources into the required page and position.


Step 03: Choose and Edit 3D Models

Select relevant 3D Models from our library of > 10,000 objects. Edit the voice over narration, change the animations or add new labels etc without any coding!


Step 04: Review and Publish Live

Review your work, fill in the public facing descriptors and published live onto our SnapLearn app ( or your existing platforms!)

Editing 3D Model

Editing 3D Model


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