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Transform your publications beyond eBooks. AR Book is a new category that differentiates your product, drives internal innovation and presents new revenue opportunities

AR promises to unlock a new dimension of learner engagement as it offers a unique bridge between the physical world and digital experiences. Through this partnership with SnapLearn, we want to set new benchmarks for the content quality and learner experience that OUP is world-renowned for.



Joseph Noble

Head of Partnerships and Innovation

Oxford University Press

Enliven Static Print/eBooks

Enliven Static Print/eBooks


Rewrite Your Story

With AR, you literally add a new dimension to your content and you can present your lesson or tell your story in a much richer manner, opening up new narratives and perspectives like never before.


The SnapLearn technology has made the print version in particular very special. I think when people can start buying the hardback edition they will be blown away by its digital capability. Thank you, and congratulations on a superb product




Kevin Nute

Author of “Naturally Animated Architecture”

Winner of 2018 Digital Book World awards
Professor of Architecture, University of Oregon