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Service Agreement

SnapLearn Users:


Hi SnapLearn Users, you are welcome to use SnapLearn.  The services provided by SnapLearn adopts a combination of free and paid content. To purchase any paid subscription, you must first become a registered user. After paying for the subscription through Apple Pay or Google Pay, you can enjoy the premium subscription/content through SnapLearn. Before beginning the purchase process, please agree and accept the following terms of service.


1. Subscription Service Agreement 


1.1 Before you decide to purchase the relevant purchase/subscription, please read the terms of this purchase agreement carefully. You should proceed with the purchase process only after fully agreeing to the following terms. SnapLearn will provide you with premium/paid content according to the terms of the selected purchase order. While using SnapLearn Bookstore services, you should strictly abide by the terms of this agreement.


1.2 SnapLearn will constantly improve or modify the quality of service according to the relevant laws and regulations of Singapore. SnapLearn has the right to update this agreement, and is applicable for the paid content in SnapLearn, from the date of the bookstore announcement and effective till further notice. The expression of your rights and obligations, purchase procedures, and charging standards are subjected to the latest terms of service.


1.3 By clicking "I agree" during the registration process and payment process, this means that you have carefully read and fully accepted all the terms under this fee agreement. Only after confirming that you are willing to pay the relevant fee according to the prompt and payment of the fee through one of the methods agreed in this agreement, premium subscription content can be viewed. If you refuse to pay these fees, you will not be able to view its related content.


1.4 The rights and benefits of the content and other services are not explicitly authorized to you or the purchaser and are owned by SnapLearn and its related rights holders.


1.5 Once you have purchased SnapLearn product/subscription, using the paid services provided by SnapLearn would classify you as a person who is eligible to full civil rights and full civil capacity and can independently bear civil liability in accordance with the laws of Singapore. You also fully understand and agree to the "User Service Agreement" and the contents of this agreement listed on SnapLearn Website.


1.6 Matters not agreed in this fee agreement, but mentioned for Snaplearn Bookstores "User Service Agreement" shall prevail.


2. Risks and responsibilities


2.1 You take full responsibility for all actions and actions (whether intentionally or not) in the services provided by SnapLearn.


2.2 You are responsible for storing, using, and maintaining your user account on SnapLearn. The account and account password can be obtained by user registration (under Profile -> Sign In -> Sign Up). You should take the necessary and effective confidentiality measures for your account passwords. If SnapLearn causes the leakage of your account password or the loss is caused by your own use and maintenance, except as clearly stipulated by law, SnapLearn does not bear any responsibility in this matter.


2.3 You clearly understand and agree that the payment method stipulated in the terms is the payment method collected on behalf of the charging operator. If you pay by this payment method, there may be certain commercial risks (including but not limited to, criminals may use your account or bank card and other valuable cards to carry out illegal activities), these risks may cause financial losses. For this, you agree SnapLearn does not assume any responsibility for the mentioned risks and losses under the premise of fully fulfilling all its obligations and diligent and prudent obligations under this agreement; and, SnapLearn does not bear any responsibility and obligation to pursue infringement liability from criminals or bear losses on your behalf.


2.4 If you have any objections to these terms of service and amendments, you can automatically waive your paid subscription or product eligibility, but SnapLearn will not refund any paid service fees paid.


3. Charging Subscription Standards


3.1 Once you have purchased SnapLearn, any chargeable content of SnapLearn shall be deemed as you accepted the price indicated by the service/subscription/product; the service/subscription/product will take effect immediately after your purchase is successful.


3.2 Charging standards: The specific charging standard is based on the specific price displayed next to the content of the service item or the payment channel.


4. Member Purchase and Validity Period


4.1 For specific purchase operation steps, SnapLearn will make clear prompts for each step on the relevant pages.


4.2 Payment:

  • Android side: The fee for the paid content will be marked by the price on the paid content or service item on the day you click to buy using Google Pay payment.

  • iOS: The fee for the paid content will be marked by the price on the paid content or service item on the day you click to buy using Apple Pay payment.

4.3 Once you are in SnapLearn, the successful purchase of paid content from the bookstore indicates that SnapLearn can charge immediately the fee for the charged content, and does not provide a refund service.


4.4 Any content or service you purchase has a corresponding validity. Using the service cycle, once you purchase the content or service, you recognize its reading/Use service cycle.


4.5 Validity/the service period shall be subjected to the period marked by the content or service. If you do not read or use the related content or services you have purchased within the valid time, it is deemed that you have read or used all of them. SnapLearn does not refund.


5. Automatic renewal service regulations


5.1 If you activate the automatic renewal service, the SnapLearn Premium Subscription Membership service when about to expire, your Google/Apple Account will automatically charge you on the renewal date (You can view this in your account’s renewal/subscription settings. The billing cycle includes and is not limited to monthly, quarterly, and annual. The premise of the realization of the service is that you need to have apple pay or google pay as the mode of payments, a registered user account, and can be successfully deducted from the listed mode of payments. Risks such as failure to renew due to insufficient deductible balance in the above account is at your own risk.


5.2 Subscription cycle: 1 Month, 3 Months, 1 Year (For registered Users to choose from)


5.3 The renewal service will automatically extend the validity period of the subscription corresponding to the last billing cycle, twenty-four hours before the expiration of each billing cycle, through the registered Apple Pay or Google Pay Account.


5.4 For iOS, If you need to cancel the automatic renewal function, please start up your iOS device and go to: Settings -> Click ‘Apple ID’ -> Select ‘Subscriptions’ -> Select ‘SnapLearn’ -> Select ‘Cancel Subscription’. This is only valid 24 hours before the date of your next billing cycle.


5.5 For Android, If you need to cancel the automatic renewal function, please start up your android Device and go to:  Click on ‘play store’ (check you are signed in the correct google account) -> Tap Menu. Subscriptions -> Select the subscription you want to cancel -> Tap ‘Cancel Subscription’ -> Follow the remaining on-screen instructions

6. User Service Agreement 


6.1 Purchased subscription/product/content can only be read by you privately for personal use. You are not allowed to use it for commercial, profit, and other purposes.


6.2 You agree that you will not display the paid content you purchased in whole or in part in any public place unless your above actions will not constitute infringement or have been given permission by SnapLearn.


6.3 When you purchase or use paid content or services, the following situations are prohibited:


6.3.1 Using the paid content or services that have been purchased in illegal ways or for illegal purposes;


6.3.2 Your SnapLearn’s bookstore account is provided to any third party with or without compensation and allows him to read or use the paid content or services not purchased by him through your account. In order to avoid the aforementioned situation as much as possible, SnapLearn will likely take the necessary technical measures to restrict accounts that are obviously unreasonably logged in on multiple devices.


6.3.3 Copy, sell, rent, or authorize the paid content to any third party.


6.3.4 Alter or Pair SnapLearn with its security measures technology used by the app to protect its content for charging payment, reverse engineering, alteration, destruction or tampering, or assisting others to perform the above actions.


6.3.5 Through any other means of obtaining chargeable content or services in a manner not approved by SnapLearn, or delete any ownership statement or label on the paid content.


6.4 You must not pass SnapLearn or any services of SnapLearn directly or indirectly, that engages in acts which would violate the relevant laws and regulations or the moral reservations of public order and goods customs.

7. Disclaimer


7.1 SnapLearn reserves the right to change the service cycle and purchase price of the paid content at any time. An APP announcement will be made and is effective from the date of the announcement until further notice. For any loss caused by the interruption or termination of the service, except as clearly stipulated by law, SnapLearn does not need to bear any responsibility to you or any third party.


7.2 In view of the particularity of the network service, you agree that SnapLearn reserves the right to change, interrupt or terminate some or all of its network services at any time. SnapLearn reserves the right to modify or interrupt the service at any time and notify it in the form of an announcement. For any loss caused by the interruption or termination of the service, except as clearly stipulated by law, SnapLearn does not need to bear any responsibility to you or any third party.


7.3 For server interruption, network failure, database failure, software upgrade, server maintenance, adjustment, upgrade and other issues, or other irresistible reasons, including but not limited to government actions, natural disasters, hacker attacks, and other service interruptions may result in a loss caused to your personal data and information unless clearly stipulated by law, SnapLearn will not be responsible for any losses caused to you or refund any paid service fees paid. SnapLearn will make an announcement in a timely manner.


7.4 The service period of the service content you purchased includes a reasonable time period required to solve the fault, server maintenance, adjustment, upgrade, etc., the time required for the above situations will not be compensated.


7.5 SnapLearn is not responsible for any indirect, accidental, special, and subsequent damages caused, and no compensation will be made.


7.6 If you have suffered any personal or financial loss, damage, or injury, except as clearly stipulated by law, SnapLearn is not responsible. If you have disclosed your personal password to others or shared a registered account with others, any personal data leakage caused thereby, SnapLearn takes no responsibility.


8. Interruption and termination of service


8.1 In some rare cases, due to authorization issues, it may cause certain paid content or services in the bookstore to be invalid (Can’t be read or used). In this case, unless the law clearly stipulates that the fee cannot be refunded, you can use the program replacement method to compensate you according to the case’s circumstances. 


8.2 If you violate the content of the Terms of Service, SnapLearn reserves the right to immediately terminate all services you have purchased and cancel your SnapLearn Bookstore account and usage rights, and will not refund any paid service fees paid.

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