AR and VR Works

With more than 8,000 projects under our belt, we have learnt a few things that AR and VR can help. Here are some of our learnings and the research underpinning the practice.

Improve Test Scores by 29%

If a picture paints a thousand words, a virtual manipulative in AR/VR must be worth even more! This is especially true when the concept is abstract, difficult to illustrate or hard to visualise. Some practical examples:


A) Too Big


B) Too Small


C) Too Complex


D) Too Dangerous


Increase Engagement by 87%

When a topic of study is dry, abstract or simply mundane. Adding AR/VR can add much-needed context and relevance which helps increase engagement. Areas that lends itself naturally to this approach are:


A) Speaking Practice


B) Reliving History


D) Visualising Data


C) Fostering Empathy


Boost Recall Accuracy by 25%

Sometimes, the way a message is delivered is remembered more than the message itself. In those cases, AR/VR capture users attention in a manner that improves memory retention and recall rates. It is especially useful for:


A) Repetitive Tasks

B) Hands-on Practice.jpg

B) Hands-on Practice

C) Rote Memorisation.jpg

C) Rote Memorisation

D) Marketing ( Memorable Product Launche

D) Audience Engagement


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