MXR is the No. 1 AR Publishing Platform in Asia Pacific, creating over 8,000 AR titles with a combined circulation of more than 100m units.

Our guiding philosophy is the ancient dictum from Confucius:

We believe that AR/VR has the power to transform the learning experience from a static download of information into an experiential journey of discovery! 


I hear and I forget,

I see and I remember, I do and I understand






Mixed Reality Lab (MXR) research lab established at the National University of Singapore (NUS)


Expansion globally with the setup of MXR International Pte Ltd


Expansion into China with the setup of MXR Suzhou software technologies


Spin-off from MXR Lab as MXR Corporation Pte Ltd with seed funding from NUS Enterprise



  • Backed by 20 years of R&D, we have 12 patents granted and pending

  • More than 10 peer-reviewed publications 

  • More than 20 registered software copyrights and trademarks

We have won numerous awards in AR/VR, Digital Publishing and Education Innovations, including the prestigious Lifetime Fellow of World Technology Network (Education Category)

We are also currently, the one and only approved AR solution provider conforming to the ISLI (International Standard Link Identifier), under the ISO 17316:2014 for the China market



Our co-founders of MXRi have a combined expertise of more than 80 years of senior corporate experience with the top names in Education, Technology and Design.

We lead a team of more than 100 like-minded professionals in Software Engineering, 3D Development and Instructional Design to transform 21st Century Teaching and Learning.


Steven Zhou


Founder, MXR

Assoc Prof. Steven Zhou received his Ph.D. degree from the National University of Singapore (NUS) in 2004 and was a visiting fellow at University of Southern California (USC) in 2006. He had been the Director of Interactive Media Lab of NUS since 2007 and Director of Interactive Media and Software Development in NUS Suzhou Research Institute since 2014. His research interests include augmented and virtual reality, computer vision, and multimodal human–computer interaction. He has published >80 papers in leading international journals and conferences. For all these years, Dr. Zhou has devoted himself to promoting the industrial development with academic research. He has been invited as the keynote speaker in AR summit and Sim IDC 2013.

Gerald Cai

MD / Business Partner

Co-Founder, MXRi

Gerald is a veteran of the Edtech industry with 17 years of experience as a tutor, developer, corporate executive and entrepreneur. He invested in and co-founded MXRi in 2017. He was previously the Head of Samsung Content & Services (Learning/Reading) for APAC where he conceptualized and built Samsung KidsTime and operated Samsung Learning and Reading Hub used by millions of users. Prior to that he was the Regional Director at Pearson APAC where he ran the learning platform business, securing and implementing multi-million projects. His first foray into EdTech was in 2002 with his startup Questation, which offered Online Singapore Math tutoring for students in US through a (then) patent pending virtual classroom platform.

Ramana Akula

CFO / Finance Partner

Co-Founder, MXRi

Ramana is a global senior finance executive, having held CFO positions with multiple companies and across multiple industries. He worked with pharmaceutical giant Bristol-Myers Squibb across three continents before joining Pearson, the global education company. Ramana worked across the Asia Pacific region having been based out of Australia and then India. He played a major role in the metamorphosis of Pearson India from a publishing house to an education services company with a digital emphasis. Ramana is a serial entrepreneur with a passion for technology and education. Ramana also held CEO positions with startups and actively engaged with edtech entrepreneurs in an advisory role. Ramana joined MXRi as an investor and co-founder in 2018.


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