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SnapLearn's Augmented Reality transforms the learning and reading experience from a static download of information into an experiential journey of discovery!


AR Book is the new eBook

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We are proud to partner with leading publishers across all genres to create over 8,000 AR titles with a combined circulation of more than 100m units.

The State Courts of Singapore

The State Courts of Singapore

Delighted Learners and Educators


Proven Research, Validated Results

Improve Understanding.jpg

Improve Test Scores by 29%

If a picture paints a thousand words, a virtual manipulative in AR/VR must be worth 100x more! This is especially true when the concept is complex or difficult to illustrate. The sweet spot of these includes...

Increase Engagement.jpg

Increase Engagement by 87%

When a topic of study is abstract or simply mundane. Adding AR/VR can add much-needed clarity and context which helps increase engagement. Areas that lend itself naturally to this approach are…

Boost Recall.jpg

Boost Recall Accuracy by 25%

Sometimes, the way a message is delivered is remembered more than the message itself. In those cases, AR/VR captures users' attention and improves memory retention and recall rates…

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